Online competition Nailympia Live is a way to save the beauty industry in the current realities. The global nail service market is adapting to the new constraints caused by the pandemic.


The last six months have been a severe test for the entire beauty industry. The beauty industry is one of the most affected industries due to the restrictions imposed. However, the instant speed of reaction and adaptation to the changed conditions on the part of the organizers, companies associated with the beauty industry, gives hope that the competition will be saved and supported. One of these ways is to convert all possible competitive activities into LIVE format. This format of competitions, of course, is much inferior to traditional competitions on real venues, but at the moment there is simply no better viable alternative. I am glad that Nailympia is one of those types of competitions that was one of the first to adapt.

Nailympia Live is one of the first virtual competitions organized in Finland. Virtual competitions, organized as close as possible to real conditions, and from the point of view of the objectivity of the results, are not inferior to real time, since the master is always under video surveillance, which is being recorded, he will no longer be able to break the rules until the judge sees it. We also have a great opportunity to review the best results by the chief judge again, which makes it possible to put a fair assessment of the best result. The performance of all contestants is recorded at their own workplace, or at a rented site for this, but video and photos of the work performed can be sent only through the application recorded in Live mode and only 1 attempt. This technical feature gives the most honest and objective result. The organizers of these competitions strive to make the results of the competition transparent, all participants will receive instant evaluations of their work. By assigning teams a fixed performance time, we will see their professionalism and as wey how they are able to cope with emotions during the competition.