The Competition Floor Rules 2020


List Of Competitions 

Number 1. 75-mins - Gel Tip & Overlay Nails – LEFT HAND
Number 2. 75-mins - L&P Acrylic Sculpture Nails – RIGHT HAND
Number 3. L&P Perfect Match (automatic if entering both Gel and Acrylic)
Number 4. 60-mins - Salon Nails (one hand) 
Number 5. 30-mins - Gel Polish Manicure
Number 6. 2-hours - 1 hand - Stiletto Nails
Number 7. 75-mins - 1 hand - The Joy of Nails!
Number 8. 75-mins- 3 nails - Decorative French Nails
Number 9. 45-mins - 3 tip s- Reality Nail Art 
Number 10. Fantasy Nails - The Complete Look - open theme
Number 11. (remote) Boxed Flat Nail Art Submission in box 10 tips
Number 12. (remote) Mixed Media Boxed Art Submission in box 10 tips
Number 13. (remote) Photographic Nail Art Poster 2020 (photo file + description)
Number 14. (remote) Photographic Portfolio 2020 (photo file)


It is an INFRINGMENT of copyright to recreate trademarked logos and characters. DO NOT use Disney characters, Warner Bros, Universal or any form of music icons in your designs if they are still under copyright. These will be disqualified at registration. PLEASE use only your own ideas, imagination and creations in your artwork. Do not copy work done in a masterclass or by figures in the industry. Work must be original and not submitted into any other competition.