The Competition Floor Rules 2020


Fantasy Nails - The Complete Look Rules 2020

Number 10. Fantasy Nails - The Complete Look - open theme

  • All entries must be new to the Nailympia competition arena and can only be entered one time at this competition. No repeat entries from prior years allowed.
  • The fantasy work must be adhered to natural nails only. NO polish colour, no French or natural enhancements, no gel polish – just natural nails only on the competition floor. The natural nails can be pre-manicured. 10-points deducted if the nails have polish or base coat on them.
  • Only the model and competitor are allowed on the competition floor. The costuming, make-up and hair may be assembled before the competition and can be a team effort. The nails must be added to the complete look during the one-hour competition by the competitor with no additional help.
  • All pieces or embellishments to go on the nails may be completely created prior to the competition, then assembled and placed/adhered to the nails during the competition. You must create 10 separate tips to adhere to the 10 nails during the competition. It must be 10 nails for 10 fingers.
  • Three dimensional, pre-cast embellishments, feathers, decals, gems, accessories, ornaments or any form of fantasy is allowed.
  • Models must wear their costume prior to the start of the competition, with final touches completed during the competition.
  • The costume is a large part of this competition (1-20 points), as this competition stresses creativity, difficulty and how well the theme of the entire design and costume work together. Dress the model in the theme from head to toes.
  • Complete your work with no more than 50 words on a small card (to be placed at the model’s feet during judging). Outline your theme and nail art media used. Explain what techniques, products and materials have been used for the creation.
  • No step-by-step photographs accepted. Photos of the work or artist involved will lead to point deductions or disqualification.
  • NOTE – Points can be lost if elements of design are bought ready-made and embellished.
  • TIP – Keep all elements neat & well finished with no visible signs of glue, dust or debris.
  • TIP – Difficulty is evaluated by the level of detail & intricacies noted within each element. Less is sometimes more and big does not always mean better.


The Nailympia team welcomes and encourages competitors to police the competitions. Please let the team know if you have seen any artwork before at any other competition, anywhere in the world. You must be able to prove it with evidence.