The Competition Floor Rules 2020


UV GEL & L&P Acrylic Sculpture & Tip & Overlay Rules 2020

Number 1. 75-mins - Gel Tip & Overlay Nails – LEFT HAND
Number 2. 75-mins - L&P Acrylic Sculpture Nails – RIGHT HAND
Number 3. L&P Perfect Match (automatic if entering both Gel and Acrylic)

  • Competitors are required to sculpt on the model’s RIGHT hand with L&P acrylic and tip/overlay in UV hard gel on the model’s LEFT hand. This means there is an opportunity to enter 2 competitions in one sitting.
  • Competitors can take just one comp on one hand. One-hand competitors will be given 75-minutes to complete the hand and be positioned in one area together. Those doing both hands will be asked to stop after 75-minutes and have a 10-minute break before starting on the second hand.
  • Competitors must polish 2 fingers on each hand (thumb and pinkie) of the model with a red cream polish/lacquer only – no base coat, ridgefiller or top coat may be used. The polish may be of the competitors’ choice.
  • NOTE – On the underside of the nail – the judges do NOT need to see white under the 2 red nails.
  • The nail bed CAN be extended.
  • NEW – NO premixing of camouflage cover pink or whites before the event. All overlay products must be in original packaging – with clear correct label.
  • These are French style pink & white competitions with 2 red polished nails. Cover pink products are allowed.
  • Cream, lotion, oil and polish dry products may be used. Excess lotion and oil will afford point deductions. If a competitor is seen cleaning hands and nails after the competition is closed with any product, such as canned air, it is immediate disqualification. Models may not put fingers in their mouth or rub them on their clothing.
  • No UV gel products/sealers to be used on the L&P acrylic categories.
  • Water and soap may be used in finishing.
  • NEW – Tips must NOT be pretailored or touched before the comp starts. Competitors may not touch the nail tips prior to the start of the competition.
  • NEW – Every competitor must arrive with an organised tip box with at least 10 tips of each size in each allocated size compartment of the box. A disorganised tip box will be removed from the desk by a floor judge.
  • For sculpture a roll of JUST 25 forms per comp. Floor judges will be closely inspecting every form.
  • Adhesive is allowed for tip & overlay. NO adhesive for the sculpt categories and must not be on the nail desk.
  • E-Files are allowed.
  • Gel competitors must bring a UV or LED gel lamp.
  • You are only permitted to use Natural or Clear tips in both UV gel and acrylic tip & overlay categories.
  • NOTE – It is not necessary to create lunula/moons on the nail – there are no extra points for lunulas.
  • NOTE – No tools to aid the creation of smile lines are to be used. Smile lines are to be created using a brush and/or hand file. (NO smile line cutters allowed.)
  • NEW – No acry-gel products allowed in the traditional P&W comps. No hybrid UV gels, no gel polish.
  • Only UV hard or soak off gels allowed.
  • TIP – Read the score sheets. Check out the point distribution. Where you will gain the most points and where you gain the least. This will help your timing and focus. Knowledge of where you can gain points and where you can unnecessarily lose them is helpful.
  • NEW – For those doing both competitions – the hands will be compared for the Perfect Match competition and judged on three areas – apex, finish, c-curve - for a maximum of 30 points.