The Competition Floor Rules 2020


The Joy of Nails! Rules 2020

Number 7. 75-mins - 1 hand - The Joy of Nails!

  • One hand only – competitor can work on his/her own hand.
  • Liquid & powder, UV gel, tip & overlay, sculpting on natural nails are all acceptable – anything is allowed!
  • Looking for desirable & gorgeous shapes, design, beauty, style & skill.
  • Inviting professionals to show their most favoured and best nail designs, shapes and styles.
  • Anything can be applied to the nails. No restrictions on shape and length.
  • These nails can be commercial salon nails; they can be extreme; they can be fantasy; they must be original and inspirational.
  • NEW – Each nail must be different in length, shape and design. (Points will be deducted if 3 different nails are not shown.)
  • They will be judged on the skill of a true nail professional. The judges will be looking for the ‘wow’ factor. The more skills and creativity used, the better. It’s a showcase for what YOU can bring to the nail industry to innovate and inspire.
  • NEW – NO more than 20% crystal embellishment on each nail.
  • All nail work is to be done on the comp floor - no pre-made work allowed. NO pre-tailoring or touching of tips or forms etc.
  • Please design 3 nails (no pinkie or thumb included).
  • NOTE – This competition is designed to showcase a range of your creative and technical skills. This is an aspirational competition where you show other nail professionals what you are capable of.