The Competition Floor Rules 2020


NEW - Decorative French Rules 2020

Number 8. 75-mins- 3 nails - Decorative French Nails

  • 3 nails to be designed – competitor can work on own hand or model.
  • Nails must be finished in a colour FRENCH. All three must have French finish with smile line.
  • No pinkie or thumb design.
  • Showcase your best nail design, shape and style.
  • All nail work to be done on the competition floor. No pre-made work allowed. NO pre-tailoring or touching of tips and /or forms before the comp.
  • Judges are looking for the ‘wow’ factor. The more skills and creativity you show the better. It’s a showcase of your skills.
  • No restrictions on size, shape or length – anything goes.
  • Looking for desirable & gorgeous shapes, designs, beauty, style & skills.
  • Use L&P acylic, UV gel or hybrid systems to build the nails.
  • No gel polish of dip systems allowed.
  • Cover pinks/ camouflage allowed.
  • Smile lines to be created using a brush. NO tools or smile line cutters allowed.
  • On underside of the nail you must see decorative French colour design of the same colour.
  • You can use cream, lotion, oil and polish-dry products. Excessive lotion and oil use will afford point deduction.
  • NOTE – SCULPTURE ONLY – NO TIPS allowed - Arrive with 25 forms on one roll. Judges will check the forms are not touched or tailored.
  • E-files are allowed.
  • Artwork can be applied on the surface or encapsulated in the nail.
  • Gel sealers and top coats are allowed.
  • Paint, stripers, foils, rhinestones, bullion, stamping, decals, appliques - are NOT allowed. Sculpt the design with your brush using coloured UV gels and acrylic powders.
  • Colour gel & acrylic powders used for this advanced design style.
  • All designs must be original and not seen in previous competitions.