• This competition is done on natural nails only – duration 30-minutes.
  • The model is to come with manicured nails. NO manicure procedure is necessary during this comp.
  • Nails ready for gel polish must be enhanced and coated with any type of UV gel polish product. One hand is to be created in a solid red colour. One hand is to be finished in a traditional French manicure style. Use white on the free edge and French shades on the nail plate. No glitter, shimmer or frost permitted. All colours must be free of pearl and opalescence.
  • No design element is required. Just a picture-perfect flawless set of nails.
  • Any UV gel polish is allowed that is hard gel or soak off. It must be correctly labelled and can be in a pot or a bottle. It’s not the pot or brush that counts here – it’s the finish on the nails.
  • NOTE – The finish of the nails should be similar to a nail lacquer look.


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