Your work should only be in portrait print form as it will be considered a magazine cover.

All photographic works must be uploaded to your personal account at the e-mail address of the site, the registered work is considered if payment was made and the work of the application was downloaded before the SPECIFIED TIME

All photographs will be presented in the competition area according to the regulations, and before the awards ceremony.

A photo work can be submitted by Nailympia and take part in this nomination, even if it has previously participated in other competitions. Photographs will not be checked by judges for participation in other competitions. In this nomination, works that previously took part in other competitions and won prizes, are allowed.

  • FULL LOOK IN GEOMETRY STYLE will be judged, not just nails. Points will be given on the theme of the design and the overall  ’WOW’ factor. The style of the background, color and the theme will also be judged.
  • Nail art designs can include hand-painting, encapsulation and 3D designs.
  • Must be 240 dpi and minimum 2Mb in size, 3×4, A3 FORMAT. (297х420)
  • This must be an original photograph!
  • NOTE – Can you see the nails and design clearly? Many points are lost if the judges cannot see the nails clearly.
  • Can be black & white, sepia or colour.
  • A written ‘step-by-step’ MUST be provided with your photograph detailing how the look was achieved. This is for the judges to mark complexity. Please note points will be deducted for failing to include the step by step.
  • Please DO NOT include photographs of you doing the nails. Only 1 photograph is allowed per entry.


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