Enteries must be submitted in the form a photograph on a white background .

  • NOTE – All entries must be new to the Nailympia competitions and can only be entered one time. No repeat entries from prior years allowed. All work must be ORIGINAL and not added to after a previous comp, copied from a masterclass or another tech’s work. Completely original.
  • It must not have been seen in any competition in the world – whatever size. •
  • The work must not have been published anywhere, been on social media or entered into any competition beforehand. It must be new and fresh.
  • This competition is a ‘show & tell’ format. Nails to be designed on varying sized nail tips and placed in a white background (no lid or cover required) in the arena. DO NOT stick the 5 nails together to create one large canvas – there must be a gap between the tips and there must be at least 5 different sized tips used. This is art on many tiny canvases.
  • Displays cannot be visible on the photo
  • All entries to be 100% complete before the competition. A full set of 5 tips must be created and reflect the different nail sizes, as real nails – judges need to see 5 different nail sized tips. Anyone using all one-size tips will have an automatic 5-point deduction to their final score.
  • NOTE – A maximum of ONE entry per competitor is allowed.
  • No entries left after the close of the competition will be returned to the competitor. Unless organised beforehand with relevant postage and packing.
  • All entries must be submitted by the agreed registration – this differs with each location.
  • All entries must be accompanied by a typed description (50 words MAXIMUM) of the work involved on one small piece of paper/card, including types of nail art media and techniques used. Points will be deducted if no description is provided.
  • For continuity please describe the theme that is featured.
  • Competitors must use 3 of these 5 nail art media: airbrushing, embellishments (rhinestones, striping tape etc), L&P acrylic, gel, hand painting, one stroke. Failure to use 3 will result in a 10-point deduction for each media less than 3.
  • No decals allowed. No stamping art allowed. All three media used must be used in an artistic way or they will not count towards the required 3 nail art media. It is the competitor’s responsibility to clarify anything questionable prior to the event and the judges’ decisions are accepted as final.
  • No embellishment or L&P acrylic product may extend further than 1⁄4” from the original nail surface in any direction, if it does, there will be a 10-point deduction.
  • Any embellishment to the actual tips, whether attached to the tip or not, will count and must not extend further than 1⁄4” from the nail surface or 10 points will be deducted.
  • All photographic works must be uploaded to your personal account at the e-mail address of the site nailympia.eu, the registered work is considered if payment was made and the work of the application was downloaded before the 10.07.2021


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