Your work should only be in portrait print. Only hands must be seen in the photo!
Show your skills as a salon nail professional: everyday nails for everyday clients.
Choose between one of these artificial systems (L&P acrylic, UV gel, fibreglass, hybrids) then shape, style and lengthen nails accordingly. No gel polish or dip systems to be used.
All photographic works must be uploaded to your personal account at the e-mail address of the site, the registered work is considered if payment was made and the work of the application was downloaded before the 10.07.2021
All entries must be new to Nailympia Estonia and can only be entered one time at this competition. Pictures will be taken and available to the judges for past reference. No repeat entries from prior years allowed.
All photographs will be presented in the competition area according to the regulations, and before the awards ceremony.

  • Competitors are required to use professional products. NO glitter, coloured powder, additives etc to be used – judges are looking for the most natural set of nails that suit the hand shape and skin tone.
  • Camouflage powders or gels can be used if appropriate for the ‘client’.
  • No embellishment or encapsulation – judges want to see natural looking enhancements in any shape. The competitor is to choose the most relevant shape to suit the fingers and nail condition.
  • Cleansing and moisturising products (oils, creams, lotions, etc) are allowed. Excessive use of oil is not permitted. Judges will deduct points for excess oil.
  • The nail enhancements must be finished in a natural or pink & white style – gel top coats and sealants are allowed. No nail polish colour.
  • NOTE – Extra points are awarded for smile lines or a beautifully blended pink & white – baby boomer / ombré.
  • The work must be original, which has not been previously published.
  • NOTE – Can you see the nails and design clearly? Many points are lost if the judges cannot see the nails clearly.
  • Must be 240dpi and minimum 2Mb in size, 3×4, A3 FORMAT. (297х420)
  • Must be in colour.
  • A written additional work description is not required. Create a professional photo for judges, so that they would like to choose you as their master!

Only one photograph is permitted per paid nomination.


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