• This competition is an open, freestyle competition allowing all competitors to work to their strengths.
  • Competitors will be given 45-minutes to complete 3 nail tips verified by the competition organiser.
  • At the start of the competition, competitors will be given a sheet with 3 images. These will represent 3 women (or clothing styles) of different styles and age ranges.
  • You need to design a nail that is suitable for a commercial salon service that is applied to all 10 nails. The expected the type to applying the design to all 10 nails will be taken into account.
  • No model necessary.
  • Judges will be looking for commercial salon nail art that would appeal to clients that are depicted in the images i.e style and age range.
  • No 3D art is acceptable. Flat art or embellishments with rhinestones etc only.
  • Media
    Paints (non-toxic); Gel Polish; Glitters; Foils; Charms; Rhinestones; Flat stones; Decals; Embellishments; One stroke: Dip System – anything goes – just NO 3D.
  • The 3 tips must be displayed by sticking them to the paper supplied with tape or tack. Do not offer any explanation or mood board or any extra design to the display. Just 3 tips on the paper provided – adhered next to the images of the 3 women. DO not touch the tips after the comp is complete and the tips are adhered to the paper.
  • NO mood boards necessary.
  • E-Files and LED/UV lamps are allowed.
  • All work must be created during the live video competition.
  • The tech must work alone at the nail desk during the competition.
  • The organiser will publish all works on the webpage.
  • Nail tips are not provided by the organiser during the brief.
  • NEW Prepare a form of adhesive to stick the nails to the brief  competitive sheet at the end of the competition.


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