Show your skills as a salon nail professional: everyday nails for everyday clients.
Choose between one of these artificial systems (L&P acrylic, UV gel, fibreglass, hybrids) then shape, style and lengthen nails accordingly.

(No gel polish or dip systems to be used.)

  • 60-minutes to complete a set of salon-style nail enhancements on ONE hand only – using any suitable artificial nail system.
  • Sculpt or tip & overlay techniques to be used only. NO moulds or moulds labelled as nail forms – just nail tips & paper sculpting forms allowed.
  • NO white tips. Use clear or natural tips only.
  • Competitors are required to use professional products. NO glitter, coloured powder, additives etc to be used – judges are looking for the most natural set of nails that suit the hand shape and skin tone. (NB: This rule does not apply to the ring finger.)
  • Camouflage powders or gels can be used if appropriate for the ‘client’.
  • No embellishment or encapsulation – judges want to see natural looking enhancements in any shape. The competitor is to choose the most relevant shape to suit the fingers and nail condition. (NB: This rule does not apply to the RING finger.)
  • NEW – RING FINGER is to be embellished to create a feature nail. This nail must complement the overall look, not detract, but enhance the complete look and can be embellished in any way you choose. Foils, glitters, rhinestones, powders, hand painting are allowed. NO decals, pre-designed or printed appliqués to be used. No Stamping of art allowed.
  • No tip sizing, touching or pre-blending allowed before the comp begins.
  • NOTE – No tools to aid the creation of smile lines are to be used. Smile lines are to be created using a brush only. (NO smile line cutters allowed.)
  • Cleansing and moisturising products (oils, creams, lotions, etc) are allowed. Excessive use of oil is not permitted. Judges will deduct points for excess oil.
  • The nail enhancements must be finished in a natural or French style pink & white – gel top coats and sealants are allowed. No nail polish colour.
  • NOTE – Extra points are awarded for smile lines or a beautifully blended pink & white – baby boomer / ombré.


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