• Nails to be sculpted on forms. No tips permitted. 25 forms only on the nail desk.
  • Nails can be made using L&P acrylic or UV gel systems.
  • The application and length can be designed to the competitor’s desire and ability.
  • Artwork can be applied on the surface or encapsulated. If artwork is applied to the surface it must be no more than 1/4inch (0.65cm) in height.
  • Gel sealers and top coat are allowed.
  • Paint, striper foils, rhinestones and bullion are allowed. Colour foils (plain only) can be used for design. Products used can have colour or glitter added if desired.
  • No decals allowed. This means no pre-designed or printed appliqués or decals to be used. No stamping of art allowed.
  • Oil, lanolin, cream, lotion and polish dry products may be used.
  • Water and soap may be used for finishing.
  • E-Files are allowed.
  • Gel competitors must bring a UV or LED gel lamp.
  • All designs must be original and not seen in previous competitions or images.
  • NEW – Pinkie and thumb nails must be pink & white with crisp smile line.
  • NOTE – Stiletto Nails offers opportunity to demonstrate perfect structure plus showcasing creative art and design skills.
  • TIP – Any debris or dust under the nails will lose points.
  • NOTE – A traditional stiletto nail tapers symmetrically and consistently in a straight line from the natural free edge into a sharp point. From the side view, the free edge must extend straight out from the lateral folds to its point. A true stiletto ends in a point.


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