Your work should be in form on 1 video and there should be seen not only hands.

All video works must be uploaded to your personal account at the e-mail address of the site, the registered work is considered if payment was made and the work of the application was downloaded before the 10.07.2021

All entries can take part in this nomination, even if it has previously participated in ohter copetitions. Works will not be checked by judges for participation in ohter competition in order to competit. Works that previously took part in ohter competitions and won – are allowed.

All videos will be presente on the webpage and social network before the awars ceremony.

Video requirements:

  • Video format – MPEG4 with minimum resolution 720×480 (12:8cm), maximum resolution QHD 2160×1440 or  FHD 1920×1080 and the frame rate should be not more than 30. The duration of the video is 15 seconds.
  • The use of special programs and tools for the editing and filming a video is free of choose.
  • In the frame on the video there should be a close-up of nails.
  • The use of scenery, storyline, music is recommended. Hand should be manicured.
  • Only one hand to be seen.
  • L&P, UV gel, tip&overlay, modeling or natural nails – everything is allowed!!!
  • Looking for desirable anand gorgeous shapes, design, beauty, style and skill.
  • Inviting professionals to show their most favoured and best nail designs, shapes and styles.
  • Anything can be applied to the nails. No restrictions on shape and lenght.
  • These nails can be commercial salon nails; they can be extreme; they can be fantasy; they must be original and inspirational.
  • NEW – Each nail must be different in length, shape and design. (Points will be deducted if 3 different nails are not shown.)
  • They will be judged on the skill of a true nail professional. The judges will be looking for the ‘wow’ factor. The more skills and creativity used, the better. It’s a showcase for what YOU can bring to the nail industry to innovate and inspire.
  • NEW – NO more than 20% crystal embellishment on each nail.
  • NOTE – This competition is designed to showcase a range of your creative and technical skills. This is an aspirational competition where you show other nail professionals what you are capable of.


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